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.Ly Domain (ccTLDs)

A .ly registration is the process of registering top-level country-code domain name for Libya. The registration is sponsored by the General Post and Telecommunication Company. The .ly domain extension, introduced in 1988, administrated by the registry LYNIC. and the Technical Support by LTT.

Tech companies and start-ups known the value of a good name. The .LY domain name is the Country Code domain for Libya, but most notably recognized as a domain hack for creating short website addresses. Whether you are a small business owner, a farmer, a construction company, or just someone who wants to get their perfect name, Have you ever noticed how many words end with “LY”? There’s only, silly, simply and bubbly to name a few! Word play and hack your brand name into a shorter website address and become an early adopter of the trendy .LY domain.

Why register a .ly domain?

.ly domain names work in exactly the same way as .com. You can register to:

  • Protect your trademarks, trade names or product name(s)

  • Receive a redundant DNS Service totally free of charge.

  • Create your own special domain name identity on the internet

  • Select from the many thousands of special English words ending in the letters (ly), e.g.,,, to create a valuable and easily remembered internet presence

How do I buy a .ly domain?

Looking to buy a .ly domain name? You’ve come to the right place! Accredited registrar (ccTLD).

  • Easy to register and manage

  • Work in exactly the same way as .com

  • Can be registered by anyone.

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How do I transfer a .ly domain name?

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.ly domain name life cycle :

.ly domain name life cycle

.ly domain name life cycle :

.ly domain name life cycle
.ly domain name life cycle

Domain registration benefits

Every domain name registration includes many additional features, including:

Anyone can register any of the .LY domain names except for the and extensions. (These extensions require an official letter from the applicant for proof of identity).

To view the current pricing information for this ccTLD or others, please click here.

In order to change the Domain Name Server Information listed as authoritative for your .ly domain name, please follow the steps:

  • Login into your account
  • Click on Domains >> My Domains
  • Next to the domain you wish to update its DNS click Manage.
  • Click on the Name-Servers tab

From there you should be able to update your Name-Server

instantly after the payment received.