.LY Domain Reseller

Integrate .ly domain registration services seamlessly into your existing website and services.

What You Get

At Reg.ly, we understand the value of a seamless and efficient registration process for your .LY domains. That’s why we’ve created a reseller program that provides your company with all the tools and resources needed to offer your customers affordable and reliable .LY domain registration services.

Our Advanced .LY Domain Reseller API allows you to seamlessly integrate our registration services into your own system, giving you the ability to offer your customers the convenience of direct registration. With real-time processing and efficient registration services, your customers will appreciate the speed and reliability of our service.

Furthermore, we work directly with the registry and NICLY administration to ensure that our clients have access to the most efficient and direct registration services available. Our dedicated team of engineers focuses on maintaining a robust network infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, and our expert support staff is always on hand to assist with any operational issues.

Join our reseller program today and take advantage of our competitive pricing, top-notch support and reliable service. Give your customers the convenience of direct registration and grow your business with Reg.ly.

Seamless Integration

WHMCS .ly module

Third-party billing platforms

Set up your .ly domain reseller business with our WHMCS, or blesta Module.
WHMCS Modules

.ly domain API


Automate everything with a seamless connection between your storefront and our systems.
.LY Reseller API

.ly domain reseller control panel

Reseller Control Panel

Easily manage your portfolio, check logs,  Whitelist IP addresses.
Reseller Panel


Testing Environment (ote.ly)

The ote.ly Second-level domain is a testing environment that simulates the live .ly registration. The sandbox provides a space where you can initiate and watch while your app process reg.ly API requests without touching any credit from your account.

.LY Reseller Program

Competitive .ly domain reseller pricing


  • 8% Discount
  • API Access – Limited Calls
  • WHMCS/Blesta Module
  • No Enrollment Fee
  • Access to our domain Search Functionality
  • Deposit $690.00 into your account to be used towards purchases.


  • 12% Discount
  • API Access
  • WHMCS, Blesta Module
  • No Enrollment Fee
  • Access to our domain search functionality
  • Deposit $3,000.00 into your account to be used towards purchases.

Partner Pro

  • 20% Discount
  • API Access
  • WHMCS, Blesta Module
  • No Enrollment Fee
  • Access to our domain search functionality
  • Deposit $6,000.00 into your account to be used towards purchases.


  • 32% Discount
  • API Access
  • WHMCS, Blesta Module
  • No Enrollment Fee
  • Access to our domain search functionality
  • Deposit $12,000.00 into your account to be used towards purchases.

Transfer To More

Have questions about bulk transfers?
If you want to plan a large-scale migration, Our expert transfer team is here to walk you through every step of the way! Contact US

WHMCS / Blesta Integration Features

  • Register: Request registration of a new domain name.
  • Renew: Request to renew an existing domain name.

  • Update Name Servers: Change and return name servers for a domain name.
  • Transfer: Request to initiate the transfer of a domain name.

  • Registrar Lock: Change and return current domain lock status for a domain name.
  • Update Contact Details: Change and return WHOIS information for a domain name.
  • Get EPP Code: Request EPP Codes to transfer out a domain name.

  • Domain Cron Sync: Keep your account and WHMCS in sync with status changes, Domain And Transfer Synchronization

API Functionality

  • Register/Transfer/Renew Domain

  • Get/Modify Contact Details

  • Get EPP Code

  • Get/Modify Registrar Lock Status

  • Get/Register/Modify/Delete Nameservers

  • Check Domain And Transfer Synchronization

  • Check Domain Availability

  • Get Available Credits

Reg.ly Control Panel

 Access Dedicated Reseller Area

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • View Domains Orders
  • View API Request And Response Logs

  • View And Assign Bought Domains

  • Show Available Credentials

  • View/Generate API Key

  • View/Modify IP Addresses Restrictions

  • Download Domain Registrar Integration Module

Still undecided?

Let’s get your questions answered! This is a big decision, after all. Check out our .ly reseller FAQ (below) or Contact Us


  1. Create an account with us then choose the plan that suits your needs.
  2. Our support team will provide you with the .ly reseller agreement form to sign and the ACH/Wire Transfer details to fund your account.

When you submit an order the funds get deducted from your account balance. We only offer an ACH/Wire Transfer option to refill your account balance.

You can choose to integrate with reg.ly in whichever way best suits your business needs:

  1. API to establish a direct connection between your end-user storefront or control panel and our systems.
  2. Our ready third-party service like WHMCS or Blesta in conjunction with our API.
  3. Use your reg.ly control panel to register and manage your customers’ domains and services.

We do not apply  API requests limit. Contact Us for more information.

What our Clients say?

Domain was registered and online within minutes, thanks.

I had my domain name working in seconds.
Jessica Ica
It was a clean experience and I do feel confident in the purchase.
They contacted me back so fast every time. During the process, they were very polite and helpful.
I am glad I am able to get a url that is a shortened, vowel-less version of my name.

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